GlobiTech Semiconductor Facility will Expand in Sherman, Texas (Credit: Expansion Solutions Magazine)

GlobiTech Semiconductor Facility will Expand in Sherman, Texas (Credit: Expansion Solutions Magazine)

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Published on Monday, June 27, 2022 by Expansion Solutions Magazine

Governor Abbott announced GlobiTech, Inc. (“GlobiTech”) will establish an additional semiconductor manufacturing facility in Sherman, Texas. GlobiTech, a subsidiary of Taiwan-based GlobalWafers Co., Ltd., provides silicon epitaxy products and services to the worldwide semiconductor industry. This project will create 1,500 new jobs and generate billions of dollars in capital investment. A Texas Enterprise Fund (TEF) grant of $15 million has been extended to GlobiTech. In addition, GlobiTech has been offered a $10,000 Veteran Created Job Bonus.

“The State of Texas continues to attract and support world-class manufacturers and global investments that are leading breakthroughs in innovation and technology,” said Governor Abbott. “GlobiTech’s ongoing partnership with the City of Sherman will create more than a thousand new jobs for the region and invest billions of dollars into our state’s economy, boosting Texas’ global position in the semiconductor industry amid a worldwide chip shortage. We look forward to continuing working with GlobiTech to keep providing economic opportunities through its expanded presence in the Lone Star State.”

“Advanced 300 millimeter silicon wafers are currently manufactured in Asia, forcing the U.S. semiconductor industry to rely on imported silicon wafers,” said Mark England, GlobiTech President. “This exciting and bold investment in my hometown of Sherman will represent the first new silicon wafer facility in the U.S. in over two decades and close a critical semiconductor supply chain gap.”

“With the global CHIPS shortage and ongoing geopolitical concerns, GlobalWafers is taking this opportunity to address the United States semiconductor supply chain resiliency issue by building an advanced node, state-of-the-art, 300 millimeter silicon wafer factory,” said Doris Hsu, Chairman/CEO of GlobalWafers Co., Ltd. “For this large investment, we received tremendously competitive proposals, and it was a difficult decision on selecting our location. After serious deliberation, we have once again chosen our long-time partner, the City of Sherman, Texas, based on the aggressive local and state incentives, ample resources and especially the business and personal relationships that we have developed over 20 years. Based on earlier announcements on related projects, we are excited about the prospects of developing the City of Sherman into the complete semiconductor ecosystem to support the growing United States semiconductor industry.”

“Sherman has spent years building a business-friendly climate and laying the groundwork to support large employers,” said David Plyler, Mayor of Sherman. “Now, for the second time in less than a year, that investment has paid huge dividends. GlobalWafers’ decision to locate their state-of-the-art semiconductor silicon facility in Sherman will meet a critical industry need and cement our city’s status as a center of high-tech manufacturing–not only in Texas, but across the country. I want to thank GlobalWafers for their investment in Sherman, and for the trust they have placed in our local leadership. This project will provide profound benefits for our citizens, our city, and Grayson County for decades to come.”

“Texas continues to lead the business world in 2022 because of our fair and predictable regulation, low taxes, and commitment to creating a skilled workforce for decades to come,” said State Senator Drew Springer. “We welcome GlobalWafers’ investment in Grayson County and becoming the first wafer plant in the United States in 20 years. World-class products and national semiconductor security based out of Sherman is the result of local and state leaderships’ hard work and proven track record. It is exciting to know this facility will benefit tens of thousands of North Texans for generations to come.”

“With the current supply chain issues and chip shortages, I am excited to have GlobiTech expand their operations in Sherman,” said State Representative Reggie Smith. “This expansion will bring many new opportunities for our local communities. I want to thank our local economic development staff, the leadership at GlobiTech, and the Governor for making this possible.”

“It is especially rewarding when a longstanding, local corporate citizen like GlobiTech can capitalize on our area’s record-setting economic boom, with TI’s new $30 billion manufacturing facility serving as a catalyst for sustained growth moving forward,” said Bill Magers, Grayson County Judge. “Continuing our investments in water, power, transportation, and low taxes will continue to pay dividends for Grayson County and its citizens. The synergy created by GlobalWafer’s relocation to Sherman solidifies our community as a high-tech hub, creates new high-paying jobs and paves the way for future growth for generations.”

“We are grateful and excited to receive favorable news about our Chapter 313 partnership with GlobalWafers,” said Dr. Tyson Bennett, Superintendent of Sherman Independent School District. “This is another step by the state in highlighting Texas as a world-leader in economic development, and Sherman is right in the heart of the advanced technology solutions growth.”

“The community of Sherman is elated to have been selected as the site for GlobalWafers’ new best-in-class 300 millimeter ​semiconductor silicon wafer production facility,” said Kent Sharp, President of the Sherman Economic Development Corporation. “All of our public entities and elected and appointed officials put the maximum effort into this proposal as we understand the very important strategic interest this investment will be to our city, county, state, and country. I would also like to take this opportunity to extend our sincere appreciation to Governor Greg Abbott and his team of economic development experts led by Adriana Cruz. This opportunity would not have been possible for Sherman had it not been for their efforts. GlobalWafers and GlobiTech have been an economic anchor for Sherman and Grayson County for years, and we thank them for giving us a chance to show what Sherman and Grayson County have to offer.”

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