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Ad Valorem (Property) Taxes


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2023 Tax Rates

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Sales & Use Tax

Exempt from taxes are groceries, medicine, property for resale, manufacturing equipment and many items used exclusively on farms and ranches for food production. Leased or purchased machinery, equipment, replacement parts, and accessories that have a useful life for more than six months, and that are used and consumed in the manufacturing, processing, fabricating, or repairing of the tangible personal property for ultimate sale, are exempt from state and local sales and use tax. Texas businesses are exempt from paying state and use tax on labor for constructing new facilities.

Tax Rates

City of Denison
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Denison Sales Tax Revenue

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Personal Income Tax

Texas has no personal income tax

Corporate Income Tax

Texas has no corporate income tax

However, Texas does have a Corporate Franchise Tax.

Corporate Franchise Tax

This tax is imposed on all corporations and is measured by net taxable capital and by net taxable surplus that is apportioned to Texas. Apportionment is determined by using a single gross receipts formula, with allowable deductions applying to both the capital and earned surplus components.

The tax rate on net capital assets is 0.25 percent or $2.50 per $1000 of net taxable capital. The tax rate on net earned surplus is 4.5 percent.

Corporations calculate the franchise taxes due on taxable capital assets and on taxable earned surplus, paying the greater of the two amounts.

Unemployment Insurance

Insurance (Unemployment)


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Our natural gas is currently supplied by Atmos Energy. The current average industrial rate is as follows:

Industrial Natural Gas Rates


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Based on Mid-TX Tariffs, Oct. 2023


The major source for water is Lake Randell and Lake Texoma. The City of Denison serves as the Water Treatment Provider.

Water Details


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Water Analysis (MG/L)


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Based on City of Denison 2022 Drinking Water Quality Report

Solid Waste Disposal

The City of Denison is the sole provider of municipal waste collection and transportation services for all customers located within the city limits. The only exception is recycling services provided by Republic Services.

Quality Requirements for Discharge


Industries discharging more than 50 pounds per day of BOD and TSS must obtain a discharge permit that allows a rate of 500 MG/L multiplied by the flow from their plant.

Oil & Grease – 150 MG/L

* Permitted industry surcharges apply at waste concentrations above 250 MG/L.

Electric Power

When it comes to electricity supply, Texas has an advantage no other state can offer. Texas boasts its own stand-alone electric power grid to ensure a reliable, secure, and uninterrupted supply of electricity. In 1993, the Center for Advancement of Energy Markets ranked Texas the “number one” deregulated market in the United States.

The new era of deregulation in Texas offers new opportunities for competitive rates and services. Below is the link to information for residential and non-residential electrical power providers.

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