Apple announces additional investment in Sherman tech facility (Credit: Apple Inc.)

Apple announces additional investment in Sherman tech facility (Credit: Apple Inc.)

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By Emily Tabar
Published: May 5, 2021 at 6:28 PM CDT

SHERMAN, Texas (KXII) – Wednesday Apple announced they’re investing over $400 million in tech manufacturing facilities across the U.S., one of which is located right here in Sherman. What this means for the city of Sherman.

Today Apple announced $410 million will be split between 4 facilities in the U.S.

Previously known as Finisar here in Sherman, our facility for tech company II-VI (”two-six”) manufactures optical technology used for iPhone features like Face I.D., Portrait Mode Selfies, and Memojis.

II-VI creates lasers called VCSELs which enhance iPhone user experience. Some of those parts have been manufactured in Sherman since Finisar moved here in 2017. Sherman mayor David Plyler says there is a little bit of home in every iPhone.

“They’ve been making the VCSEL products that are part of every iPhone which is fantastic for Sherman since all of us carry them and they’re right in our pockets,” said Plyler.

This award adds to Apple’s initial $390 million 2017 investment.

“Having Apple here is certainly a badge of honor for us. You know not only here in Texas, but internationally,” said Plyler.

The award will be split between facilities in Sherman, Warren, New Jersey, Easton, Pennsylvania and Champaign, Illinois.

“We’re extremely proud that Finisar is part of our corporate business community with some great high paying jobs and a lot of opportunity there for the people of Sherman,” said Plyler.

Plyler says II-VI is a good corporate neighbor to Sherman with its jobs, millions of dollars in property taxes paid, and commitment to green technology.

Right now nearly 400 people are employed at the Sherman facility. That will now increase.

“Our high tech companies are really kind of the backbone of our business community,” said Plyler.

Plyler says the city has improved over the years to house large corporations like II-VI, and hopes this will be an invitation for new firms to move here.

“We like to think it’s the kind of the fruit of those labors that we’ve been able to cultivate an environment that’s business friendly to enable these companies to come and locate here and thrive and provide these kind of jobs for our people,” said Plyler.

In their press release, II-VI CEO Dr. Vincent Mattera Jr. said “the partnership between Apple and II-VI sets the stage for a new wave of breakthrough technologies that we believe will enable a wide range of applications that will benefit our world for decades to come.”

Right now II-XI has over 30 job listings available in Sherman on their website. Those openings will of course increase in the near future.

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