Workforce Training

The Center for Workplace Learning (CWL) provides education and training opportunity for employers and individuals in the Texoma region.

The CWL is a collaboration between Workforce Solutions Texoma, local economic development agencies, Texas A&M Commerce, and other educational partners. They are committed to being customer-centered, community-connected, and quality-driven. Their goal is to provide a gathering place where educators, private industry, and government can work together to improve business competitiveness, create job opportunities, and enhance the economic vitality of the region.

The CWL provides needs assessment consultation (including job profiling and skills assessment) and learning-based solutions to overcome the problems hindering organizational or individual performance.

Trainees can take a course to gain a skill or earn a certificate or degree. Many of the programs also prepare individuals for professional license exams. Many also offer continuing education unit credit (CEU).

Flexible Programs

The education and training programs offered through the CWL are flexible and adaptive to the needs of individual employers. Programs can be delivered in a variety of formats including on-site, off-site, credit or non-credit, instructor-led or online, and on any schedule 24/7. Programs are based on an industry-driven curriculum and taught by experienced faculty with relevant experience in the field, ensuring a world-class workforce that creates a sustainable competitive advantage for employers located in the Texoma region.

Local College & University Enrollment


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Sources: Austin College, Grayson College, and Southeastern Oklahoma State University

Advanced Manufacturing Program

Advanced Manufacturing Program

Denison is an active partner in a unique effort to develop a talent pipeline of middle-skills workers for manufacturing occupations.

The Advanced Manufacturing Program (AMP) was created by local industries, school districts, Grayson College, Sherman Economic Development Corporation, Denison Development Alliance, and Workforce Solutions Texoma.

The program is a dual credit initiative within the Texoma area that allows students to complete college courses starting as early as the 10th grade. Students learn skills unique to Advanced Manufacturing and gain real-world, hands-on training through an industry-driven curriculum. Upon completion, students can directly enter the workforce while continuing their education at Grayson College, or continue their education at a four-year institution.

Students in the AMP program attend tuition free. The area’s top industries and other key entities have committed scholarship dollars to cover tuition and books for each student. These industries are seeking the next generation employee to operate their cutting-edge manufacturing plants. They are committed to providing a challenging and rewarding opportunity for high school students interested in gaining lifetime skills.

Highlights of the program:

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