Texas Enterprise Zone Program

Under the statewide cap of 105 projects per biennium, a community with less than 250,000 in population may have up to four enterprise projects. A community with 250,000 in population or greater may have up to six enterprise projects.

Upon a community designating a business as an enterprise project, and upon that project’s designation being approved by the state, the business would be eligible for the incentives below.

State Sales & Use Tax Refunds

Beginning September 1, 2007, an enterprise project is eligible for a refund for all state sales and use taxes paid and used at the qualified business site.

The total amount of any refund will continue to be predicated on the investment amount and number of jobs created/retained.

The refund can be an amount ranging from a minimum of $2,500 per job to a maximum of $7,500 per job as follows:


The Data is Not Available

Receipts for purchases of building materials and machinery and equipment and payroll information are required to be retained as part of the audit process. (Note: All contracts should separate the costs for building materials and/or equipment from the costs of labor and services in order to be eligible.)

The refund for sales and use tax must be for all eligible items for use at the qualified business site.

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