Moving Image Industry Incentive Program

The incentive is available in the form of a production grant equal to 5 percent of in-state spending, including wages paid to Texas residents.

Grants are available upon project completion to features, television programs, television commercials and video games. Both live action and animated projects are eligible. The maximum grant amounts available after September 1, 2007 are:

For Features
$ 0 M
For Television Programs
($2.5m per season for episodic series)
$ 0 M
For a Commercial, Series of Commercials, or Music Videos
$ 0 K
For Video Games
$ 0 K

Specific Eligibility Requirements

Available for review at the Texas Film Commissions website are the specific eligibility qualifications for projects including investment thresholds, employment requirements and content. Specific incentive enhancements related to underused areas are provided.

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