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KXII TV By Hannah Gonzales

Published: Oct. 6, 2022 at 5:48 PM CDT

DENISON, Texas (KXII) -NTI Global and Versa Industries commenced their ribbon cutting ceremony on their new site in Denison.

“This is our delayed grand opening, we originally moved in around October last year and we relocated our offices from Frisco to this facility here in Denison,” said NTI Global President, Rachal McCarthy.

Bringing about 20 jobs to Denison.

“Office staff is 50% local to Denison, and 50% is commuting in. And then for factory, the vast majority are all local,” McCarthy said.

Giving the Denison Development Alliance a reason to invest.

“So our incentive that we provided to them was a $50,000 moving fee, offset some of their costs to move and get their experiment setup,” said President Tony Kaai of the Denison Development Alliance.

And various products are manufactured right out of Denison.

“Everything from industrial HVAC to windmill covers and specialized military projects” McCarthy said.

McCarthy explained how HVAC products are currently essential items as Floridians recover from Hurricane Ian.

“Until you don’t have heat or air conditioning, you forget how important it is. And then you also think about it, someone whose home has been flooded, the sooner we get our products to their door, the sooner they can start remediating any disasters and limiting anything they could of lost in their homes,” McCarthy said.

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